Discovery Day

2nd Sun. of each month, 9 AM until about 1 PM with no scheduled break.

Instructor: Nancy Tarczynski

Fee: $60

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Discovery Night

2nd Thursday of the month from 7 PM - 10 PM

Instructor: Scott Higgins

Fee: $60

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Discovery (week)Day

Every Wed in April, then every first Wed of the month from 10 AM until 2 PM

Instructor: Armondo Herrera

Fee: $60

We are adding weekday classes to our programming. In April our new blacksmith educator, Armondo Herrera will be teaching a Discovery Day class each Wednesday. This is your entryway to blacksmithing and is required before taking any other hot forging class. After April these classes will be taught the first Wed of the month. You can click on the "read more" on the Discovery Day to find out what it's about.


Open Forge

Every Tuesday from 7-10 pm, Once a month 2nd Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm, Every 2 months on the 2nd Sat. 1 pm - 5 pm, Every 2 months on the 4th Sat. 1 pm - 5 pm

Staff: Qualified Adam's Forge staff

Fee: $40 does NOT include materials

Note: This is not a class. You must have had at least one class from us and practice safe procedures in the forge to participate. Please print and bring your receipt.

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CBA Level 1

First Sunday of the month, 9 AM - 3 PM

Instructor: Michael Horgan

Fee: $80/ class (NOT the entire series) materials included

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CBA Level 2

1st Saturday of the month, 9AM - 3PM

Instructor: Gary Standke (except #4 & #5)

Fee: $70/class

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Creative Forging

3rd Sunday of most months, 9 AM - afternoon with a lunch break

Rotating instructors, group collaboration

Fee: $40

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Read about this month's challenge here.


Memorial Day weekend, May 24, 25, 26 from 9AM - about 3 PM

Instructor: Pat Downing

Sat Techniques: $165 includes copper
Sunday Patina: $165 includes materials
Monday FF for the Demented: $135 bring your material or there will be some for sale (steel or other sheet is acceptable)
All 3 days!: $425

Saturday is a Foldforming class with our friend and Foldforming wonder, Pat Downing.
Pat will go over many different techniques in this fast paced and fun class. He'll share his expertise in this field of sheet work.
We will be using copper sheet in this class. Everyone will get the chance to practice under his watchful eye.

In the Sunday class students will learn about patinas for their copper projects. Bring a copper project (perhaps from Saturday's class) that you would like to patina. Pat will show you how and talk about the many options.

Monday is an opportunity for a Foldforming extravaganza with Open Foldforming on Monday from 9 AM until about 3 PM we'll be trying all kinds of Foldforming for the seriously demented! You must have had at least some Foldforming experience to participate. This is NOT a class but a time to experiment with these techniques amongst friends. Bring some stock to fold.

You may sign up for only one or 2 of the classes but why not take all 3? The more you take the better deal you get.

Register for the Sat. Techniques class Here

Register for the Sun. Patina class Here

Register for the Mon. Open Foldforming Here

Register for the Foldforming 3day weekend Here

You don't need to take the Discovery Day/Night class to take these classes.

Repousse & Chasing

May 17th & 18th from 9 AM - about 3 PM

Instructor: Heather McLarty

Fee: $210

Learn the ancient techniques of repoussé (working sheet from the back) and chasing (working from the front). Heather took a class in the art of high relief chasing with Kirsten Skiles and went to the Czech Republic to learn Louis XVI repoussé from the late Alfred Habermann. In this class we will be using small chasing tools to work on copper sheet on pitch. There is NO prerequisite for this class.

Pitch bowls, pitch and tooling will be available for student use. The fee also includes the copper sheet.

See Heather's sheet work here

Horseshoe Heart

Sat May 10th, from 9 AM to 2 PM with a lunch break at noon

Instructor: Gary Standke

Fee: $90 includes all the materials (2 horseshoes)

On the day before Mothers Day, create the perfect gift for any Mothers you love. Or bring her with you and you can make hearts together. We will start with a standard horseshoe and transform it into a beautiful work of art. No experience is needed, other than having gone to a discovery day. Two horseshoes are included per student. A few more will be available for sale and you can also bring your own.


June 19-22

Instructor: Tim Cisneros

$325 demonstration + hands on (includes tool steel)
$90 demonstration only
$50 one day of demonstration

Day 1: Lecture on traditional vs. contemporary design (maybe an hour or two)
Plastika : an introduction to the design elements that define Plastika and the tooling necessary to create it.
Tooling design and the tooling (tools for making the tools) for making fullers both top and bottom.
Tool making demo : top fuller and matching bottom fuller.

Day 2: Lecture: Tool steel and heat treatment of different tool steels. A very basic and simple approach for those with limited heat treating capability. The Czech style hammer demo and tong making Habermann style.

Day 3: Student instruction and making a Czech style hammer, tongs and top and bottom matching fullers.