Discovery Day

2nd Sun. of each month, 9 AM until about 1 PM with no scheduled break.

Instructor: Nancy Tarczynski

Fee: $60

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Discovery Night

2nd Thursday of the month from 7 PM - 10 PM

Instructor: Scott Higgins

Fee: $60

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Discovery (week)Day

The first Tue of the month from 10 AM until 2 PM

Instructor: Armondo Herrera

Fee: $60

We are adding weekday classes to our programming. In our new blacksmith educator, Armondo Herrera, will be teaching a Discovery Day class the first Tuesday of the month. This is your entryway to blacksmithing and is required before taking any other hot forging class. You can click on the "read more" on the Discovery Day to find out what it's about.


Open Forge

Every Tuesday from 7-10 pm, Once a month 2nd Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm, Every 2 months on the 2nd Sat. 1 pm - 5 pm, Every 2 months on the 4th Sat. 1 pm - 5 pm

Staff: Qualified Adam's Forge staff

Fee: $40 does NOT include materials

Note: This is not a class. You must have had at least one class from us and practice safe procedures in the forge to participate. Please print and bring your receipt.

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CBA Level 1

First Sunday of the month, 9 AM - 3 PM

Instructor: Michael Horgan

Fee: $80/ class (NOT the entire series) materials included

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Creative Forging

3rd Sunday of most months, 9 AM - afternoon with a lunch break

Rotating instructors, group collaboration

Fee: $40

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Read about this month's challenge here.

Hot Forging

A series of 4 classes every Wed starting with the first Wed of the month from 10 AM until 4 PM with a break for lunch

We are adding sessions on Saturdays from 9 AM – 3 PM during the month of July so you now have a choice of Wed or Sat for this class.

Instructor: Armondo Herrera

Fee: $80 for each session

In 4 sessions students will learn some fundamental blacksmithing skills including simple tool making and heat treating. The final product is a wizard head bottle opener or hook.

The first session will cover safety, the nomenclature of the anvil, hammers and other basic tools of the forge. Learn the dynamics of a good hammer swing and other factors influencing forging efficiency. Find out about the cow poop theory of blacksmithing. Start your hands-on hot forging experience with drawing a taper, bending and scrolling.

In Session 2 students will learn to make a few simple tools to help push the hot steel around. Students will practice hot and cold filing. The fundamentals of heat treating will be taught and practiced so you can go home with a functional tool you have made and the knowledge to make others. Tools covered will be a chisel, eye punch, eye socket punch, slot punch, and a bob punch.

Session 3 will allow time to finish off tooling from the class before and get you started in learning how to best use them, slitting, punching and smooshing metal around.

In the 4th and final session of this series students will learn to use a spotter and drift to form a hole, sculpt hot steel with hand tools and finish up with a wizard head bottle opener or hook. These skills can be recombined and used to design and make all kinds of projects. Now you can take it home and impress your friends!





Viking Cutlery class

Sunday July 20th
9am – 2pm with an hour for lunch

Instructor: Gary Standke

Prerequisites: Discovery Day

Fee: $60 which includes material for two knives and "forks".

Summer for a Viking means it is time for adventure.

Today we will make a small (about 4 inches total length) knife and "fork" no Viking would be without. This is this perfect first knife for those with little blacksmithing experience and also a great project for those with more experience.

We will be making the knife of mild steel yet hardening it in a secret Viking way which will allow for a razor edge. Once the knife is done we move on to that essential eating tool – the one pronged Spisepind. Together, you will have a cutlery set the envy of all your fellow Norsemen and Norsewomen.